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We would be delighted to be a co-creator of Thailand's work experience with you guys!

We treat foreigners who come to work with us in a friendly and family-like manner.





We are a company that welcomes foreigners to have experience working in Thailand. Our company is friendly and takes good care of foreigners who enter into contracts with us. Whether it is a joint activity between the children who come to study with us or with our team. We therefore want interested parties to trust us to take care of and create a good experience together.
Thailand has got a relaxing and simple lifestyle. It is perfect for those who want to escape the stress of a hectic lifestyle which often can be found in the Western country. From urban lifestyle and nightlife in Bangkok to southern beautiful beaches, northern mountains, and a vast national park.
Thailand has a lot to offer to everyone, no matter you are in Thailand, you will never be far away from beautiful spots. Thai people have a reputation for being fun-loving, smiling, and kind hearted, they are also sociable and could be the most generous people in the world.
They will welcome you as if you're a member of their family. You will always find very cheap accommodation, travel and entertainment in here. The teachers can stay relatively comfortable in countryside as well, where they can save money whilst still having the opportunity to travel during the weekends and public holidays.

If you are an educational institution that is looking for foreign teachers?

We provide quality foreign teachers who are experienced in Thai culture and teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). Our teachers have an expertise in serveral subjects such as science, mathematics, society, music and art, etc.

PN Teaching offers many levels of lessons, from kindergarten, elementary and high school as well as English for business level, which focuses on listening and speaking, in order to be able to communicate in English for work.

We are delighted to serve foreign teachers to schools or agencies in both public and private sectors nationwide.



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